5 Steps to Start Your Own Candle Business

When you're just starting out, trying to figure out how to 'get going' can be confusing.....intimidating...and scary, especially if you've never started a business before.
Follow these five steps to ensure you have the right foundation for starting your candle business.

Common Terms in Candle Making

When we start making candles we hear some terms used that are confusing. For example: Melt Pool, Jump Lines and Hang Up.
Get familiar with the lingo by reading the definitions in the download.

Understanding the Top, Heart and Base notes in Fragrance

A summary of how a fragrance is compiled, Top, Middle and Base notes made easy.

Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses

A Free Ebook of quick, actionable marketing tactics for the busy business owner when juggling a whole host of other things, whether that be your family or holding down another job.
Don't let your business dry up because no-one knows about it !

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Creators Log Book 

Stay Organized:
With The Creators Log Book, you can easily keep track of your progress. From documenting the product concept  to tracking milestones, this book will help keep everything in order for even the most ambitious projects.
(Candle Making only )